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Discover Plant for the Planet

With Plant for the Planet,
Accor supports greener agriculture

A female farmer working in an agroforestry coffee parcel.

At Accor, we invite our guests to reuse their towels. Half of the savings made on laundry costs as a result of this drive are reinvested to plant trees on farmland, this is agroforestry!

With 420 plantation sites in 29 countries, we support agricultural productions that are more respectful of the environment.

And by sourcing products among the farms supported, we serve healthier and more ecological local food in our restaurants.

Already more than 7 million trees planted by our partner PUR Projet.

Are you also convinced that trees have many benefits? Plant trees!

The many benefits of the tree in agroforestry

An illustration showing a tree surrounded by crops, a farmer and a cow. Different items of the illustration reveal the various benefits of a tree wihtin agroforestry projects.
Green fields landscape

Who is PUR Projet ?

PUR Projet is a social enterprise that regenerates ecosystems alongside smallholder farmers throughout the entire world and helps businesses improve the farming supply chains on which we all depend in our everyday lives by making them more responsible. To do so, we initiate and manage long term projects with strong socio-environmental impacts through agroforestry,    land    restoration   and   sustainable 

agricultural practices. Today, we operate more than 40 projects all around the world and we have planted more than 8 million trees!